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IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server centralizes core administrative tasks across the platform. As an administrator of InfoSphere Information Server, you can manage the following administration areas: security, licensing, logging, and scheduling.

InfoSphere Information Server runs in IBM WebSphere® Application Server. Administration tasks are performed in the InfoSphere Information Server console or the Web console.

You can perform general administration tasks from either the console or from the Web console. These general tasks include any administration tasks that are suite wide and are not specific to a suite component, such as security, logging, and scheduling.

You can also perform project specific administration in the console for IBM InfoSphere Information Services Director and IBM InfoSphere Information Analyzer. For IBM InfoSphere DataStage® and IBM InfoSphere QualityStage® project administration, you use the InfoSphere DataStage Administrator client.

To fully administer InfoSphere Information Server, you might also need to perform the following administration tasks directly in WebSphere Application Server: changing the user registry configuration, troubleshooting the application, and tuning the performance.