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Previewing data

When you search for assets, you can preview the contents of database tables and data files.

About this task

When you search for assets, you can preview the source data for database tables and data files. The data is displayed in the form of a table. To preview data for database tables and data files, the data sources with these assets must be connected to IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server.

Required role
You must have one of the following roles to preview data:
  • Common Metadata Administrator
  • Common Metadata Importer
  • Common Metadata User
  • Data Preview Service User


  1. Search for the database table or data file that you want to preview in Catalog > Assets. In the results list or in the details page of the asset, from the menu select Preview.
  2. Specify the user name and password for the data source that was used to connect to the asset.
    Note: If you are having issues with previewing CSV files, verify that the header of the file is in the correct format and that the file has no typographical errors. For example, the following header has commas that separate values and the values must be escaped with quotation marks:
    The correct format of the file is:
  3. When you preview a data file, you can configure how data is displayed. From the menu, select Show / hide preview options, and specify the following options:
    • Use first line as header - when you select this option, the first row from the data is added as a header to the table. By default, the headers like Column1, Column2 and so on, are used.
    • Select a delimiter - use this option to sort data in the table if it is not sorted correctly automatically. For example, when you select a comma, the data is divided into columns based on where commas are in the text. If a delimiter that you look for is not in the list, from the list select Custom delimiter and provide it in the field.
    • Select character encoding - use this option to change the encoding of characters if data is not displayed correctly.
  4. By default, 50 items are displayed. You can change this setting to up to 1000 items.
  5. To download the data in the CSV format, from the menu select Download CSV. Only the data that is currently displayed in the table is downloaded. For example, when you view 50 items, only these 50 items are downloaded.