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Rating assets and adding comments

You can rate any asset, and add comments to share your knowledge with other users.

About this task

Required roles
You must have any role other than Information Governance Catalog Glossary Basic User role to rate assets, add comments, and delete comments. You can delete only the comments that you added yourself.

You can rate the asset on a scale of one to five stars. The average rating of an asset influences where asset occurs in the enterprise search results. The higher the average rating, the higher the asset is in the search results.

In addition to rating assets, you also comment them. All comments are public, anyone who has access to an asset can see them. When you add a comment to an asset, a relationship is created between the asset and you. You can see this relationship in the graph.

Note: You cannot rate other users, and add comments about them.


  1. On the home page, search for an asset that you want to rate or comment.
  2. In the search results list, select the asset that you want to rate or comment.
  3. To rate an asset, select the rating. Changes are saved automatically.
  4. To add a comment, type your comment in the comment field and click Submit.