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Overview of Information Governance Catalog New

This topic introduces Information Governance Catalog New and the tasks that you can perform.

General information

Business analysts and data scientists search for information across the enterprise to gain insight and understanding of that information, supporting business needs. With the most up-to-date results, they are able to answer the following questions:

What is the meaning of the data?
What are the requirements for its handling or usage?
Who is its owner?
What other systems or users are accessing or using the data?

With the data that is up-to-date, they can analyze it and gain meaningful insights into their business.

New version of InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog

Information Governance Catalog New is a new version of the classic InfoSphere® Information Governance Catalog but with a new enhanced user interface and new features. Apart from governing data, you can also analyze and draw insights from your data.

To manage the metadata and users, and configure lineage reports, use the classic InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog.

To access Information Governance Catalog New, you must install Information Server Enterprise Search component.